Above knee prosthesis introduction

Above knee prosthesis introduction

In the prosthetic industry a trans-femoral prosthetic leg is often referred to as an “AK” or above the knee prosthesis.. The introduction of the Seattle Foot.


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Recent Advances in Above-Knee Prosthetics A. Bennett Wilson, JR.. B.S.M.E. * During the past few years, many innovations have been introduced into the practice of…  


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The Knud Jansen Lecture: Above-Knee Prosthetics C. W. Radcliffe * Introduction. In any discussion of the development of technology as applied to the rehabilitation of…  


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Recent Advances in Above-Knee Prosthetics A. Bennett Wilson, JR.. B.S.M.E. * During the past few years, many innovations have been introduced into the practice of…  

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